Blackberry Facial now available, might fix BlackBerry Neck

Blackberry thumb move over. There’s a new social networking ailment coming our way and for $200 you can get the treatment to cure it.

According to beauty professional, too much staring down at our cell / smart phone of choice answering text messages and emails is leading to more wrinkle on our necks (aka Blackberry neck.) Or it could possibly be leading to more wrinkles, the other culprit might be mother nature, but it could be from intense social networking so here comes the solution.

The Blackberry Facial.

Offered at the Paul Labrecque Salon and Spa in Manhattan, NYC, it has nothing to do with the face. It focuses only on the neck and says it reduces the damage of staring down for hours at your mobile device.

At $200 a pop it isn’t cheap and Joanna Czech who developed the treatment recommends 4 or 5 to really get rid of your Blackberry neck. So does it work?

New York New writer Lindsay Goldwert went through the treatment and says it might have reduced the one line on her neck slightly and that her neck “felt like a rose petal.”

The Blackberry Facial starts with a 45 minute exfoliation treatment which includes a peel with sapphire stones, a hydrating syrum and lymphatic drainage. It ends with LED light and microcurrents for 20 minutes and an oxygen mask to get your energized.

If you ask me the treatment sounds a little pricey (5 treatments at $200each?)… even astronomical. But then if your spending so much time out of this world and in the digital device in your hands then maybe you need it. The oxygen might just bring you back to reality.

Here’s an idea. Save your money and talk more. Remember to look people in the eye when you do. That might stretch out those wrinkles you got on your neck from staring down too much. [NY Daily]

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