Bride arrested on wedding day, then misses court date

running from the law seems to be what this runaway bride does best

running from the law seems to be what this runaway bride does best

Putting new meaning into the phrase ‘runaway bride’ a 53-year old Michigan woman was arrested on her wedding day for identity theft. And now she’s on the run again.

Police debated arresting her on her big day but since this was the first solid tip they received on the whereabouts of Tammy Lee Hinton they decided no time like the present. Up until her wedding authorities thought she was living in Florida but had no other leads and Hinton had been wanted on felony warrant for 3 years.

Allowing her to take her final wedding pictures before taking her to jail, officers also offered to let her change her clothes before locking her in, but the happy bride refused.

Hinton was release on the same day and happily returned to her wedding reception. She was supposed to appear in Jackson County District Court Monday. But alas, the runaway bride is on the run again and officials say they will hunt her down if another arrest warrant is issued.

Perhaps she had a scheduling conflict with the honeymoon and couldn’t change her flights. The warrant and charges will still be there when she returns.[CBS]


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