Man lives for a month without a pulse!

Imagine being able to run up the stairs and not feel your heart beating hard; or getting a nice startle, like for instance, when watching the television you are suddently confronted by a large spider on the wall, or the image of Justin Bieber on the screen…brrr, creepy. You are startled, but you still don’t feel your heart race.

This is what the last month among us must have felt like for Craig Lewis, a heart patient who’s, well, heart was replaced by this contraption, which as it turns out, is more of an old-style rotational pump (with basically a propeller or turbine) than an artificial heart.

Sadly, Mr.Lewis passed away about a month after receiving the implant, but his death was apparently not related to the artificial heart.

It must be eerie to sleep with one’s head on someone else’s chest and not feel the familiar heartbeat, but instead hear the quiet whirring of a rotating pump, but having said that, it occurs that some Edward fans could appreciate the similarities that their partner shares with the undead.

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