Meanwhile in Germany, a theme park built in an unused nuclear plant

Want to have a real blast for the holidays? Why not visit Wunderland, an amusement park built within SNR-300. SNR-300, is an old nuclear power plant built in 1972, and that was never actually finished. The project was iced completely in the late 1980s after the Chernobyl accident and was later sold to Dutch businessman, Hennie van der Most in 1995. Incidentally, I’m somewhat surprised it’s not BARON Hennie van der Most…

Since 1995 though, the park has grown to become a full amusement complex, and has known huge success.

The complex currently has over 40 rides including some “haute voltige” roller coasters and a museum. Located outside of Kalkar in Germany, they welcome over 600.000 visitors annually.

It’s just too bad though, that The Simpsons creator Matt Groening didn’t think of using it to create an official Simpsons theme park. It seems appropriate, with Homer working for the Springfield nuclear power plant and all…

Regardless still, I want to dedicate this article to everyone in Montreal who still wonders what should be done with the old Olympic Stadium, that hasn’t been used since the ’76 Olympics except for a few dirt bike rallies.

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