Miracle in Montreal

Ironically, the sign above the entrance says "Be Visible"

Ironically, the sign above the entrance says "Be Visible"

Sunday morning at around 9, the first two sections of the entrance to the last part of the Ville Marie Tunnel, in Montreal collapsed onto four lanes of highway, three of which were open to traffic. Incredibly, no-one was injured because at that very moment, there were no vehicles passing there. Only a couple of construction workers that were “vibrating” the middle section of the pillar to remove a thin layer of cement overlay witnessed what happened. It was extremely lucky, if not miraculous that this didn’t happen during the week as then surely, people’s lives would have been taken.

However this being the most recent, in a string of unfortunate events, commuters are beginning to wonder if Montreal is still the city that was put on the world map by mayor Drapeau, in the late 1960s and through the 1970s, with the Montreal metropolitan system, the Olympic Stadium used for the ’76 Olympics, and the Montreal ’67 Expo, which gave the name to the now defunct Major League Baseball team.

The Olympic stadium is mostly being used as decoration for now, there are only a few events a year there, mostly Monster Truck Mania stuff or Moto-Cross, X-Games types. Because the acoustics are absolutely terrible, there are no concerts there, ever. In fact there are often debates on the local talk radio, discussing what should be done with it, a mega-hospital? Lofts? A cinema, perhaps an urban drive-in theater? Then there are the bridges, whoever decided to build the city of Montreal where it was founded, should be shot and killed retroactively. Why build a city, on an island? Definitely not for easy access, sure back in 1642 there were good reasons to build a settlement on a freaking island, for one thing, it was defendable. Nowadays if Americans invaded Montreal, not that they’d want to, all they’d have to do is fly in with helicopters, and close the bridges with a couple of tanks. Lockdown.

Having said that, the city itself would be easily isolated in the everlooming possibility of a zombie apocalypse or plague.





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