Paging Dr.Frankenstein, code blue

Surprising news, partly because the photo is in color, partly because there is no mention of a hunchback assistant named Igor, and partly because Dr.Richard S. Frankenstein does in fact pronounce his name as Franken-STEEN; Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital appointed Dr.Frankenstein as their chief medical officer.

Incredibly, there is no mention at the actual hospital website of Dr.Frankenstein, even a search of the entire site, gave no results. It was thereby safe to say that Dr.Frankenstein was nowhere to be found. However a quick websearch yielded interesting results.

So everyone here at We Interrupt would like to give a thumbs up to Dr.Frankenstein, for not abandoning his studies, after all, it couldn’t have been easy to become a doctor with a name like that, not academically of course, but his peers must have had a ball with his name. I know I’d have.

Not that Mister Frankenstein would have been any better, at least he’s not a plastic surgeon or a gynecologist.

Of course, there are other hilarious examples of doctors with seemingly fictitious names and I can’t imagine being in a hospital when one of them is paged. Paging Dr.Frankenstein, code blue…

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