Meanwhile in Japan… Dancing Squid Is the New Deliciousness

In yet another meanwhile in Japan moment, some Squid Odori-don is served alive, but with its head removed, before being prepared and consumed by customers. The dish consists of a freshly decapitated squid, on top of a bed of sushi rice and vegetables, some soy sauce is poured on its legs to make them wiggle.

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I don’t know about anyone else, but in a way, stuff like this is to be expected from the people who invented Most Extreme Elimination Challenge (Yoshi’s Castle) as well as Godzilla, Mothzilla and several other giant monsters, The Power Rangers, Pokemon, and the atrocious torture device known as a Nintendo 3DS.

So it’s with pleasure that I’d like to deliver the second tip for this week; Kodomo-tachi (children), if you ever go to Japan and someone offers to take you out for dancing squid, you might want to pack a lunch…

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