Montrealers are truly scared for their safety

After a decade or so of buildings collapsing at least partially, overpasses falling onto traffic and killing people, even a cement block falling on Catherine Handfield while she was enjoying a Sushi dinner on Peel street, in 2009, Montrealers are beginning to actually be scared for their safety and that of their loved ones.

In a recent poll by TVA News, 88% of Montrealers claimed to be worried about their safety. This is incredibly high, people in Kabul probably feel safer and with good reason. After the collapse of part of the Ville Marie Tunnel last Sunday morning, this week so far has been plagued with several large vehicles getting stuck in huge potholes almost as bit as sinkholes, even a bus carrying 25 people got stuck in one, forcing firefighters to rescue 25 of them.

Google even released a beta app for their Google Maps specifically for the Montreal area, as depicted by the screenshot below:

As well, following Monday’s light thunderstorms causing some flooding, some people have started carrying or wearing floating lifejackets, and helmets in areas that used to be considered safe. This brings me to the We Interrupt to give you a tip segment for this week: Laddies and lasses, if you come to Montreal for any reason, sightseeing, a sporting event, concert, or even work, please don’t forget your safety gear, as well as make sure your life insurance is all paid up for you never know when God will push that MAIM botton he has on his computer keyboard.

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