Mysterious orange goo floats up to village shore

What strikes me as odd, is not the mysterious orange goo, that nobody is yet able to identify, nor the fact that it washed up on the banks of a river near the village of Kivalina, nor is it that the goo also showed up in some residents rain buckets, almost ruling out the possibility that it might be some innocuous algae. No, what strikes me as odd, is that Kivalina resident Mida Swan, went and stuck her hand in it and reported that she didn’t feel anything odd.

Would you stick your hand in the strange orange goo that washed up in the river? Good question, also one that sounds like lyric for a Beatles song. Let me explain the risks involved: Firstly, infection from any open would including small cuts. Secondly, some poisons act trough the skin, actually, some of the more potent ones usually secreted by sea creatures. Thirdly, radiation. Who’s to say it’s not from Japan? Fourthly, permanent coloration of the affected area. And lastly, and perhaps most dangerously, Cookie would shame me forever and ever, because she always knows best.

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