A revolution in flatulance sharing

If you’re the type that gets flatulent after absorbing anything with beans, pizza, pickles, beer, hot dogs, bread, milk products, wine, chocolate, chicken wings, cranberry juice or maple syrup, in other words, if you’re over 40, this is for you.

Want to go to bed and have your head under the blankets, but still be able to be flatulent without losing consciousness? This next gadget is also for you. Basically a ventilation system for under the covers, it will ensure a fresh intake of breathable air, even on those evenings where you’ve had nachos and cheese dip.

I don’t recommend using it though, when you have a guest in your bed. The system, called Bed Fan, circulates air from under the bed, beneath your blankets to the exhaust where the human head is. Mmmmmh, nothing says I love you like a fresh flati from a beloved sex partner.


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