Playboy Playmate sees ghosts

a hottie who sees ghosts

a hottie who sees ghosts

Playboy Playmate of the Year by day… speaker to the dead by night.

That’s the new bio for Hope Dworaczyk – the first bunny to be shown in 3D and playmate of the year for 2010. Her claim to fame is baring all for Hugh Hefner’s magazine but her fascination is the paranormal and says she can feel ghosts.

As the story goes, Dworaczyk was in the second grade when her family moved to an old home near railroad tracks. That was her first encounter with ghosts and now she says she’s a paranormal researcher when she can.

“I became obsessed with going into a place and I could immediately feel if there are spirits in the place or not,” she explains, “I like staying in old hotels or exploring that. My friends always tell me not to do any paranormal researching in their homes, because if there is something they don’t want to know.”

This has all the fixings of a new X-Rated ghost show in the making. [Source]

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