Casino offer $25,000 plastic surgery prize

the new face of financing plastic surgery

Casino prizing just got a face lift in Atlantic City.

The Trump Taj Mahal is offering the $25,000 Nip, Tuck and Lift Sweepstakes for the month of October. It’s the chance for one lucky Trump One Card holder to win, $25,000 worth of plastic surgery.

According to Kathleen McSween, Trump Entertainment Senior Vice President of Marketing, they wanted to do something different yet appealing.

“Many people have something they want to change; a nip and tuck here, a lift there, but the cost of these procedures can be quite costly,” she explains in a statement.

Something tells me they were also looking for a lot of free publicity – in many shapes, sizes and posts.

Eligible to win the prize are Trump One Card holders who earn a set number of points. They also must be playing at the time of the draw on October 29 and the prize is awarded in cash.

It reminds me of a wet t-shirt contest in Toronto, at the kind of club people who could star on Jersey Shore would go to. Grand prize was breast implants because appreciated what you are born with is so old fashion. [Source | Image]


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