People with nothing to do and even less taste make a Lego car

Some chaps from the Legoland park in Florida, decided they wanted to make a vehicle replica out of Lego bricks. Most people would have gone for something stunningly handsome like a Ferrari Italia, a Suzuki Sidekick or a DeLorean. No, they decided to have 22 people work 2500 hours and use roughly 383.000 Lego bricks to make…

A Ford Explorer.

The replica, even though made of massive Legos, still weighs slightly more than half the original truck’s weight of 4503lbs, at 2654lbs.

On the less depressive side, they didn’t make something tacky like a PT Cruiser or a Corvette, nor hideously grotesque like a Suzuki X-90 or a Pontiac Aztek.

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