Woman stabs significant other in head, arms for cheating… in Monopoly

Laura Chavez doesn't like cheaters

Laura Chavez doesn't like cheaters

“I saw you on my Boardwalk. Give me my rent you damn cheater.”

In my head that’s one of the things 60-year old Laura Chavez yelled at her boyfriend Clyde “Butch” Smith, just before repeatedly stabbing him during a heated Monopoly game.

Chavez did some damage. While in hospital, Smith told police Chavez first smashed him over the head with a bottle, then stabbed him in the head and arms. Upon arriving at Chavez’ house police found her covered in blood sitting on the front porch. When asked, she admitted to the crime (in words I won’t use here).

It does get worse. It turns out Chavez’ 10-year old grandson was playing with the booze hounds. He told police when his grandmother started accusing Smith of cheating and the argument started, he went to bed. I guess he’s seen this before and knows it’s best to quit while ahead.

Chavez is in jail until she can come up with $5000 bond and something tells me the kid won’t play Monopoly again… ever. Alcohol is believed to have been a factor. [ Source]


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