Alleged murderer must self-represent in court after stabbing third defense attorney

joshua monson
No, that's not an adult-sized carseat. That's an anti-stabbing device.
joshua monson

Stabbing your lawyer with a pencil isn't normal. But on meth, it is.

One could say Joshua Monson didn’t feel properly represented by his legal council.  So he stabbed them.  Three of them.

Monson is on trial in Washington for methamphetamine possession and also charged in a shooting dating back to January of this year.  In May, he stabbed his first attorney with a pencil.  Only a few days after being ruled competent to stand trial, Monson’s second attorney was likewise stabbed with a pencil.

To make matters only worse, though Monson was barred from bringing any writing utensils into court with him, he nonetheless found an opportunity to stab his third (and last) defense attorney, Jesse Cantor, by grabbing the pen out of his shirt pocket.  Though Monson was wearing an electrical ‘stun cuff’ which activated upon the sudden gesture, he somehow managed to land a pen jab to Cantor’s head.

Now, Snohomish County Superior Court Judge David Kurtz has ruled Monson has no right to an attorney and must represent himself in court.  And if he thought the lawyers were bad, he’s going to have a rather difficult time convincing a jury of his innocence, you know, with the leather restraints and lawyer stabbings and all. [Source]

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