Man breaks in house, puts up Christmas decorations

look! i decorated your tree...

look! i decorated your tree...

Coming home to find a stranger sitting on your couch can be frightening, but coming home to find a stranger has lit some candles and put up Christmas decorations is unnerving… and bizarre.

Terry Trent of Vandalia, Ohio has found himself on the wrong side of the law for breaking into someone’s house and put up Christmas decor while they were out. Perhaps he was in the ho-ho-ho spirit or perhaps he was under the influence of a drug known as bath salts. Whatever the case, he’s now in jail.

An eleven-year old child found him sitting on the sofa, with the TV on, volume up and candles lit. According to police, Trent was very polite and told the child he didn’t want to scare him and that he’d get his things and go.

The very smart kid had already called his mom who was next door. She called the police and now the wanna be Christmas elf is locked up.

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