Teen accidently hung at haunted house

now it is the creepiest place in America

now it is the creepiest place in America

It’s a real life Halloween horror in St. Louis after a 17-year old girl was found hanging inside a haunted house the Thursday before Halloween.

The unnamed girl wasn’t a patron of the Creepyworld Haunted House but a staff member hired as an actor to scare those who dare go inside. It seems the noose she was found hanging from was a prop used for her scene.

So far no one know how it is she ended up hanging from the noose. No foul play is expected.  And so far it’s unclear how long she had been hanging there since she was unconscious when found. Police do think people may have walked right by her thinking she was a part of the display.

Currently, the girl is in critical condition at hospital.

But the Creepyworld Haunted House didn’t shut it’s doors. Staying open for the rest of the weekend might not have been the best idea since numbers dropped considerably. Let’s hope next year it isn’t really haunted. [Source | Picture]

Here’s a video about the whole incident courtesy of Huffington Post.


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