Texas judge William Adams exposed as a violent child beater

Judge William Adams’ daughter Hillary, has posted last week, a video on Youtube, dating back from 2004, where he is exposed as being a violent man, quite violent at that. For respect for those with a gentler soul I will post the link to the video with the following warning, do not watch it if you’re not capable of handling that kind of violence, not that it’s VERY violent. It’s just the way judge Adams, and his now ex-wife, take turns at beating their daughter. Makes me kinda want to break into the scene and severely beat them both with a shovel, or a kettle of boiling water, it’s all very American Gothic, very Carnivale.

The first question that came to my mind was why? Did she molest another child? Had she mauled Rosberg, the family pet? Set fire to a neighbor’s house or car?

No. Her crime? She used a computer to download music and games instead of using it for her homework.

By those standards, as a teenager I would’ve gotten the death penalty, and that was in the days when although it existed, nobody really used the Internet yet. All we had were Commodore 64s and BBS dial up systems.

Which brings me to the second question that comes to my mind; why is he still in office as a judge? The website contact form seems to be disabled, possibly because of an overwhelming amount of hate mail. But I suppose that a special place in hell is reserved for people like the good judge Adams. A place I imagine that most people watching the video will hope he gets to, in a hurry.

[EDIT] Please note that at approximately 11AM on Nov 2nd, the following statement appeared on the main Aransas County webpage: “ARANSAS COUNTY, TEXAS – Judge Burt Mills has today announced that Aransas County is aware of the video posted on YouTube regarding County Court-at-Law Judge William Adams, and the matter is now under review by the Police Department. Please refrain from communication with County offices or the Sheriff’s Department on this matter until the review has been completed. Calls, emails, and faxes only create disruptions for other ongoing county business. The public’s cooperation would be most appreciated.”  


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  • Nicole Purrproject
    3 November 2011 at 2:36 pm
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    i made it halfway through… when he came back with a bigger belt to punish her more. i can’t take it anymore. you’d think she’d have killed someone for the way they beat her. disgusting.

  • Luca Colonnese
    3 November 2011 at 4:01 pm
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    It’s when the mother asked for her turn beating the girl, that got me.  

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