Dirty floors? Make your baby a mop with the Baby Mop

Are you tired of always having really dirty floors? Does it stress you out that your baby is crawling through this mud? Solve two problems with one easy solution – the Baby Mop.

The one piece suit keeps your sweet child warm while putting them to work as they crawl around the floor. From the waist down on the front it’s a pretty, yellow mop head appealing to both parent and child.

Just dunk your child’s front in soapy water and watch as they slid away the dust and grime, saving you hours off your cleaning schedule. Guarenteed to induce giggles as long as the water used for dunking isn’t too hot.

Cute and cuddly now your baby can start pulling their weight around the house while still in diaper. See how well it works in the video below.

In the course of our fact checking we could not find any evidence to suggest that this product is commercially available. That being said, it looks like it was: at one point in time or another – but like so many things, only in Japan. But there is nothing to stop you from making your own.

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