Russian baby disappears in sewer when pavement collapses

road in hole where baby was lost

road in hole where baby was lost

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare and the stuff horror movies are made of. A Russian baby is lost in the sewers in the town of Bryansk, 378 km (235 miles) south-west of Moscow, when the road beneath him and his mother completely gave away.

One year old Kirill was in his stroller being pushed by his mom, 26-year old Tatyana Didorenko. The two were taking a leisurely walk around the city square when the pavement underneath them started to disappear and like a horror film, the young child was dropped to the depth of the sewer. Didorenko was able to pull herself up off the edge.

Police arrived and, according to onlookers, wouldn’t move close to the hole for fear more of the pavement would give away. Thus, precious rescue time was lost.

A full day later all that’s been found of the child is bits of his clothing inside different pipes. Rescue workers are making a robot to go down in the sewers to continue the search.

It’s not known if the collapse was caused by a pipe breaking or faulty work done by the company managing the sewer treatment facility, however it is being investigated to see if charges of gross negligence are warranted. Source.


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