Insurance fraud scam nets three men over $650,000…after they cut one of the men’s hand off

Three South Carolina men were charged with various offenses, including insurance scam, following a 2008 incident where two of the men, one of which, Gerald Hardin, is pictured here, cut off a third man’s hand with a pole saw.  The injured man received $671,000 from a homeowner’s insurance policy and three accidental death and dismemberment polices, and presumably shared the windfall with his two conspirators.

No word on whether the hand was reattached or now resides on a mantle somewhere, shoved inside a mason jar filled with formaldehyde.  Seeing that a) this is how they tried scamming their insurance companies, and b) they got caught, I’ll go with the latter.  These fellas don’t seem all that bright.

Yes, there little scam was found out, and now the three are facing some serious jail time.  Hardin is the only one named, and he’s facing six charges, and if he’s found guilty could spend 20 years in prison and have to pay $250,000 in fines.  The other two men of real genius, including the rocket scientist who let two buddies cut off his hand, are facing similar charges and it’s safe to assume, similar penalties.

I know these guys are dumber than dumb, but wouldn’t it have been easier to just lop off a toe or three?  Or is the payout based on the size of the body part, or parts, you end up losing?  Either way, it’s just another example of stupidity gone wild.

Your move, Florida.

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