Judge sentences man to bring wife flowers & take her to dinner

flowers can get you out of the dog house... and jail

flowers can get you out of the dog house... and jail

Domestic violence isn’t something to laugh about. But each case is different and punishment must be doled out accordingly. This is something Judge John “Jay” Hurley seems to really understand.

When the case of Joseph Bray came to the court of the Florida-based judge, he looked at all the facts presented to him. Bray and his wife had gotten into an argument. The wife was upset Bray hadn’t wished her a happy birthday. Things got heated and yes, 47-year old Bray did push his wife on the couch and put his hand around her neck. Neighbours called the police and Bray was arrested.

Instead of looking at the written account of the case at hand, Judge Hurley asked the wife many important questions. Through the questioning he determined the couple didn’t communicate anymore and that the wife didn’t feel threatened by her husband.

Thus, his sentencing reflected these facts. He ordered Bray to leave jail and immediately buy flowers for his wife. Then when he got home he was ordered to clean up and take his wife out for supper at Red Lobster, then take her bowling (something the wife told the judge she liked to do). This was followed up by an order to immediately enroll in marriage counseling.

Bray smiled, sheepishly, ts hearing the sentence. There were a few snickers in the court room. But that was perhaps one of the best sentences ever given for a couple who’s marital spats got a little too out of hand. Learn how to communicate and spend some time together. [Source]


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