Wealthy Florida man adopts adult girlfriend as his daughter

John Goodman and his girlfriend... i mean daughter.. adopted daughter

John Goodman and his girlfriend... i mean daughter.. adopted daughter

So how do you get out of a losing money in a civil lawsuit for killing someone by hitting them with your car when your drunk?  Why, adopt your adult girlfriend of course.

How John Goodman’s lawyers ever came up with this idea or why John Goodman went along with it is absolutely beyond me. It proves he really doesn’t live up to his last name.

Basically, the story goes like this.

Forty-eight year old John Goodman, a wealthy polo club owner living in Florida (US), was in a traffic accident with Scott Wilson who was 23. Wilson died as a result of the accident. Goodman was charged with DUI manslaughter, vehicular homicide and leaving the scene of a crash and faces up to 30 years in prison. Trial date for these criminal charges is March 6th.

There is also a civil suit against Goodman filed by Wilson’s parents. They want financial compensation for the death of their child and seeing how Goodman is a very wealthy man they could get a large amount.

Goodman obviously doesn’t want this so he’s legally adopted his long term girlfriend, 42-year old Laruso Hutchins, in Miami in February. Why did he do this? Because she could be the loop hole that keeps the Wilson’s from getting any compensation from Goodman, or at least much less, because it will look as if his financial worth is less than it actually is.

Since Hutchins is over 35, any trusts made for Goodman’s kids or her own are legally one third hers, lowering Goodman’s total wealth. If he moves more money into these trusts before his civil court date on March 27 then the judge will have to assess his value at less.

According to the Wilson’s it’s an attempt (some might say shady) to hide assets and finances. Goodman’s lawyers say it’s a way to insure financial stability for his family and Hutkin’s kids. Whatever! Sounds to me like that’s trying to hide assets so you have to pay less money in compensation for killing someone’s son because you thought it was a good idea to drive when drunk.

Regardless, his girlfriend is now his daughter and if it holds up could be one of the most brilliant yet disgusting tricks in the book. According to Florida law, when you adopt someone you must partake in a child parent relationship… wonder if they’re abiding by these rules… and not sharing the same bed.




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