Fugitive drug dealer arrested thanks to Facebook photo with wax President Obama

one of the Facebook photos that sealed the fate of Michele Grosso

one of the Facebook photos that sealed the fate of Michele Grosso

And now in the world of the stupid criminal… meet Michele Grosso.

Sicilian Michele Grosso, 28, fled his hometown in 2008 to evade capture. A drug dealer on the run he made his way to London, England where he took up residence and began working as a waiter.

Perhaps he got a little too comfortable because he for some reason thought it would be a great idea to start uploading some of the photos of his adventures on his Facebook page. No, he didn’t start a new Facebook page for these advenutres. He used the same Facebook page he used when he was dealing drugs in Sicily.

Of course police were monitoring his Facebook, it’s like the first step of any police investigation these days. And when a picture of Grosso posing with a wax figure of President Obama, investigators started to piece together where the man on the run might be. Who else has a wax version of America’s First African American President but Madame Tussard’s in London, England? No one it seems.

As if this wasn’t enough, Grosso also posted pictures of him posing at other famous landmarks around the city. Big Ben is a definitely give away as if Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, and pretty much any other tourist thing Grosso would have posed with.

But London’s a big place and he could have been visiting, right? Well, smarty pants Grosso also posted pictures of him working as a waiter. Yes, he posted pictures of him at work for the police to see. Note taking insued (at least I’m pretty sure it did.)

It didn’t take Interpole working with Sicilian Police long to find the fugitive and ship him home for jail time. Four years is a good stint but imagine if he had never updated his Facebook profile… he might never be caught.

Let this criminal’s stupidity be a lesson to all. No matter how private you think your Facebook posts might be, someone will always be able to find them. Pictures and all.



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