Couple own 5,000 Cabbage Patch Kids, have $200,000 amusement park for them at house

the Posleys and their dolls... i mean "kids"

the Posleys and their dolls... I mean "kids"

It seems adults are really getting into their dolls in some parts of the world. There’s been reports of adult men marrying their silicon women friends and now on an upcoming episode of the new television show, My Crazy Obsession, it seems there is a couple in the United States who have more than 5,000 Cabbage Patch Kids. Plus they’ve spent more than $200,000 building an amusement park in the back of their house for their dolls and for friends of their dolls.

Yes, Pat and Joe Prosey of Maryland,  invite other Cabbage Patch Kids over to play, with their human counterparts, and they come from all over the country.

But you’ll have to be careful what you call these not so cute stuffed toys.

“They are kids. We don’t use the word D-O-L-L — they might hear,” says 64-year old Joe, who used to work in a shipyard.

It’s an obsession, or passion to them, that runs deep. The “kids” will call their friends and ask them to come over and when they are out on their custom made motorized swing, you hear Pat tell Joe to make sure everyone is in safe because they don’t want anyone to fall out. (What is the color of Cabbage Patch Kid blood anyway?)

How much does this hobby run the Posey’s? They aren’t saying but they give some hints,

“We have over 5,000 dolls [originals now sell for $190 a piece].” explains Pat, “We have a 6,000-foot building — do the math.”

While some might think the Posley’s were childless think again. They had kids but they are now grown up. Not sure if they have grandchildren but it’s highly unlikely they’d let the little ones play with their Kids. They just seem a tad bit too protective. Source.

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