28-year old woman banned from nightclubs for being “too old” to wear skimpy clothes

No matter where you go nightclubs and scantily clad women go hand in hand. But if your planning on clubbing in Worcester, West Midlands, UK, make sure your skimpy clothing fits your age, ladies. 

Lisa Woodward, a 28-year old single mother of four, has been banned from all nightclubs in the city (owned by the same company) for being “too old” to wear the type of skimpy clothes she does. At 5’3 with a size 6 figure it’s not because she’s too fat to wear them. According to the bouncers it’s because she’s “too old.”


‘What’s wrong with what I wear?” Woodward asks reporters for The Daily Mail. ‘I’m not hurting anyone, am I? I am covering everything, and I just want to have a good time.”

Admitting she’s been humiliated by the bouncers who very publicly said these things to her in front of other people waiting to get in the club, one might argue it’s not the fact she’s wearing low cut tops and short skirts, but perhaps the style of the clothing which looks more like it belongs in a strip club not a dance venue. But to each their own. I wonder what her kids think when they see their mom traipsing around the town in these get ups.



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