Swarm of bees attacks nature’s lovers protest, 18 people taken to hospital

In Nagylok village, Hungary, 300 people gathered for a nature’s lovers protest walk in an area where the forest and natural area might be threatened by human evolution. The walk went on peacefully for a while until some bees, seeing such a large number of humans invade what they considered their space, decided to attack them.

Some of the children in the walk got scared and started running away into the woods, which triggered a human stampede. The bees injured 28 people, 18 of which were taken to hospital. In all 11 ambulances and a helicopter were sent to their rescue, most of the patients suffer from multiple sting wounds and a few of them had allergic reactions.

Remember that episode of The Simpsons during which a group of Greenpeace fanatics free some dolphins they had stolen from the Springfield water park, but the released dolphins are immediately eaten by sharks?



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