68-year old skateboarding professor now an online hit

Tom Winters - puts new meaning to the phrase "young at heart"

Tom Winters - puts new meaning to the phrase "young at heart"

Think skateboarding is only for punk-ass teens? It’s also for 68-year old University professors.

Tom Winters, a classics professor at the University of Nebraska, rides his skateboard everyday around campus with briefcase in hand as a way to keep his joints from aching.

“Walking sucks, so I get there on my wheels,” he tells media. “I am 19 except [my] joints are all of 68. Walking is of discomfort. Once I get the board going, I can keep my balance and the joints are happy.”

It’s seems it’s something a lot of people like. A picture of Prof. Winters skateboarding went viral after being posted on Reddit (a site Winters knew nothing about until his students told him about it.) He’s also been given the top spot on Buzzfeed’s list of the 30 Best Teachers of All Time.

Guess it all proves the young at heart can actually capture the heart of the young. [Source]

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