Virginia couple accidentally shot by husband…while attending gun safety class

Michael L. Deel and his wife Michelle were attending a gun safety class in their hometown of Roanoke, Va. when the unthinkable happened.  Shortly after the instructor had momentarily stepped out of the classroom, Deel’s .45-caliber handgun accidentally discharged, sending the bullet through his hand and into his wife’s leg.

Irony, thy name is Michael Deel.

From The Christian Post

The incident occurred Saturday during a firearms safety class which was being held in a private residence in Bedford County. Thomas Starke, the class instructor, told police that he had momentarily left the room when he heard the gun discharge.

When Starke returned to the room he found two people with gunshot wounds. He also told police that there were five other people in the room when the gun went off.

The Deel’s were taken to a local hospital where they were treated for their injuries and released.  When asked about the incident, Deel proclaimed the shootings as a “stupid accident.”

And now for the obvious question—did they pass the course?


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