Canadian passport to allow third sex soon?

Things were simpler when we were kids. In the 1970s and 80s you were either a guy or a girl, period.

There was no mucking around deciding if you WANTED to be a boy or a girl, most of us just were. No questions were asked, none had to be answered; If you had a penis you were a boy, if you didn’t, well, draw your own conclusions.

Now though, it seems everyone wants to be categorized, listed and put in a group. Case and point: The transgender. Transgenders are people who feel like they don’t belong in their body, male or female.

We’ve seen the movies, some of us might have read the books and I’m relatively sure we’ve all heard of the embarrassingly transgender Miss Canada.

So now, Canada, like Pakistan has already done, is considering the admission of a third sex, named “X”, on Canadian passports. This may not do anything to better the border relations with their southern stars and striped friends.

Especially the southern bible belt friends.



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