Naked man shot by police while eating man’s face

This is likely what the author of the Zombie Survival Guide meant when he said that we’d know when the zombie apocalypse would begin because isolated incidents of “weird cannibalism” would be reported by the media so, here we go.

A Miami man, was shot dead by a Miami police officer while he was sitting naked, eating the face off another man. The second man, disfigured, is resting in intensive care at a Miami hospital.

It should be noted that the officer that shot the naked man, reported shooting the man a first time but the man failed to stop chewing on human flesh off the other man’s face so he had to shoot him again, and again. Witnesses report at least half a dozen shots fired.

Now I don’t know about you, but that seems as much like a zombie attack, as anything else I’ve seen in movies. And so it begins. Please, don’t let the second man turn!



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