Relatively unknown F1 pilot wins race, officials scramble to locate flag, anthem

Although this F1 season has kept onlookers on the edge of their seats, and predictions as to who the next race winner might be are at the very least, hazardous, the winner of this year’s Spanish GP was totally unexpected. So unexpected, that when Pastor Maldonado went onto the podium to claim his prize, there was a slight delay while officials recovered the Venezuelan flag, as well as the national anthem recording.

Maldonado becomes only the second Venezuelan to score a point in Formula 1, and the first ever to win a race. Claiming 25 points for his team, Williams Racing, Maldonado also becomes the first to win a race for Williams since Juan Pablo Montoya won the Brazilian GP in 2004.

The Spanish GP gave place to a couple of interesting events. During his undercut lap, local hero Fernando Alonso was slowed down by French driver Charles Pic. Pic later went in the pits for a drive thru penalty but had to abandon the race for mechanical problems. Sadly, Spanish fans who had spotted Pic, were holding him siege in his trailer for ruining Alonso’s race. Pic had to be escorted out of the circuit by police for his safety.

Later even, during the Williams celebrations after the race, a fire started in their pit area garage which injured 31 people. Initial reports point at the KERS from Maldonado’s retired teammate’s car, showing us once again that electric cars are nowhere near to being mature for commercial sale.

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