Sexy mice eat probiotic yogurt

Mice, presumably sleeping after sex

Mice, presumably sleeping after sex

Researchers at MIT found that mice having been fed a probiotic yogurt diet were generally sexier, the fur was shinier and thicker, and in the males (we hope) testicles were heavier and projected outwards.

Mating experiments also demonstrated that yogurt mice inseminated their partners more quickly and efficiently than non-yogurt mice. They also produced more mice and the females weaned their larger litters more efficiently.

Dr.Susan Erdman, author of the study says the experiment could eventually reflect onto humans. She also reminded us of the paper by Harvard researchers which attributed a better semen quality in men who consume yogurt regularly. She and co-author Dr. Eric Alm say that the results are due to the probiotic elements in the yogurt. Perhaps a probiotic fertility pill or some kind of Venus drug?

Whatever happens with it though, this research explains Cookie’s sudden need to buy me yogurt.


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