Scientists claim that life is likely on Saturn moon Enceladus

Other than having the dubious quality of being named after a South American delicacy, Enceladus is one of the largest moons of Saturn. Discovered in 1789 by William Herschel it is now attracting some attention. Why?

Because a group of NASA scientists have recently claimed that it’s possibly the best candidate to find extra-terrestrial life within our solar system.

“It just about ticks every box you have when it comes to looking for life on another world,” says NASA astrobiologist Chris McKay. “It has got liquid water, organic material and a source of heat. It is hard to think of anything more enticing short of receiving a radio signal from aliens on Enceladus telling us to come and get them.”

Enceladus of course is not actually named after enchiladas, but after one of the children of Gaia, Earth Goddess. Hopefully if we do one day, receive a radio signal from “Aliens” to come get them, we’ll politely decline…


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