Ontario woman discovers 80,000 bees in her ceiling

Ms.Yates first suspected something was odd when she noticed honey oozing from the ceiling in her kitchen. Ms. Yates and her husband Kevin soon discovered 80,000 bees nesting in the first-floor ceiling.

The ceiling was so saturated with bees that some were outside, blanketing the door trying to get in but couldn’t because it was already full! Then as the newborn bees came to life and grew it expanded the volume inside the ceiling, making it crack and it’s from those same cracks that the honey dribbled down.

The couple now say that their insurance company refused to help so they called the classic exterminator who couldn’t guarantee that they’d be rid of them for good. In last resort they called a beekeeper, David Schuit, who with three other employees of Saugeen Country Honey on Monday took down the living room and kitchen ceilings and scraped the honeycomb loose.

They’ve managed to retrieve 80,000 bees and over 100kg of honey most of which will be used to make candles.


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