Three guards fired after using security camera to spy inside hotel rooms

Three Quebec City guards have been fired after an internal investigation showed them using one of the National Assembly of Quebec’s security cameras to spy inside the local Hilton hotel’s rooms. The men in question were simply snooping on unsuspecting lovers who met up at the Hilton to have casual sex.

The camera, called ‘camera 81’ is placed atop of the National Assembly building’s main tower and faces the Hilton hotel. Police say at least one of the security guards operated the camera inappropriately by using the powerful long range zoom lens and take a peek inside some of the rooms. The main witness, a disgruntled ex-guard who was the first to sound the alarm about this case, claims that on several occasions they stood by and watched lovers have sex in some of the rooms sometimes mocking them.

The cameras can be controlled and viewed from three different access points. The SQ (Provincial Police) are also investigating some higher placed police agents as well as two sergeants who are involved.

Kids, if you go to Quebec city and stay at the Hilton, for the love of God, pull the drapes shut!



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