This is what happens when you feed seagulls laxatives and unleash them on an unsuspecting population

Warning!  Do not try this at home…and not just because it’s cruel to feed seagulls laxatives, but also because if you get found out there will be a lynch mob coming after you to exact revenge for causing a bunch of gulls to crap all over them.  People generally don’t enjoy being pooped on, by bird, human or otherwise.

That being said, it is quite fun to watch these kids load up some food with laxatives, feed them to a bunch of seagulls, then unleash them on an unsuspecting group of people trying to enjoy a day at the beach.  And yes, it’s OK to laugh because it is just bird poop after all, we probably don’t know those poor saps anyway, and I’m fairly certain that laxatives won’t kill seagulls.  Now, I’m no ornithologist, so I’m not 100% sure about that last one, but if it makes you feel better watching this video, then take it as fact.

Let the unstoppable defecating begin…

Best prank ever? Best prank ever.



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