And for their next trick: Thailand brings us vaginal whitening cream

Technically speaking, being fair skinned, at least historically had been not only acceptable but desirable  In the middle-ages, darker skinned people were deemed to be of the working class, outdoors-men  that acquired their tan by working in the fields, crops and with farm animals. The higher classes, doctors, scientists and perhaps even politicians, being more indoors-men (and women), were obviously less tanned and thereby whiter, regarded as achieving a higher social status than tanned people.

Notice we’re not talking about any actual racial discrimination here. Back then, you were tanned, you’d been working outdoors, you were thereby a farmer and not worthy of marrying The Mayor’s daughter and that was fine because I’ve always liked the farmer’s daughters, even in my previous lives but I digress…

Of course we all know that 4/5 dermatologists warn to keep away from the tanning effects of the sun, and that last dermatologist well, he’s always been a bit of a tool and should have really become a professional clown or a judge on American X Factor. Perhaps I’m confusing those numbers with dentists, but the principle is the same and I’m certain you get the idea.

The idea being that whenever we go to the tropics and indulge in our week-long annual vacation, we bring along enough sunscreen to protect the entire Moon Base Alpha against the sun’s UV rays which I’ll remind you, on the moon, are unfiltered by our Earth’s ozone layer and magnetic field.

This is normal behaviour for us here in America but with few exceptions, most people still show a healthy tan and those who don’t well, they are cast into strange television sci-fi-drama roles.

Now however, Thailand may have pushed too far. The television advert (shown here on youtube because frankly, even at the mighty We Interrupt, access to Thai television is limited) promoting Lactacyd White Intimate, a product to whiten vaginae, has attracted quite some criticism from well, critics.

Perhaps in Thailand it can be all good, pretty and fancy to be white as a ghost even in your privates, but here in America, we have something called common sense that prevents…erg. No sorry. We clearly have no common sense in America. It is thereby with open arms that we’d like to welcome the invariable future sale of vaginal whitening cream, still though, not without a word of heed to our male readers:

Careful where you apply it. That’s not hand-cream.



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