Gorburger: The Future Of Talk Shows?

From the head of actor / comedian T.J. Miller comes one of the most hilariously bizarre, totally whacked out YouTube series every created. Pretty much hands down. It’s one of those pieces of pop culture style art that makes you go “WTF?????” For real.  And the comments of people who watch it reflect this. They’re all pretty much along the lines of, “What did I just watch?” or “How did they come up with that?”

It is, quite frankly, a full on show of creative brilliance.

Gorburger is a man eating alien who takes over a Japanese morning talk show and brings in musical guest for interviews. Tegan and Sarah were episode 1 and the Mariache El Bronx band were featured guests of episode 2. You can tell some of it was scripted and other stuff is just improv genius.

Now Gorburger could have had his start on Funny or die but realistically, who cares. It’s living on it’s on now and my guts are split from watching it.

Hats off to you T.J Miller for bringing such hilarious, non-mind numbing humor to our small computer screens. It’s much appreciated in this world of over played sitcoms and The Kardashians.

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