California Woman Breast Feeds Dog

A 44-year old American mother of two children says she breastfeeds her dog because she can and it makes her feel like a better mom.

I say, “WTF?????”

According to an article published in a UK magazine, Terri Graham says she was pretty much devastated when she couldn’t breast feed her own kids anymore, ages nine and two, but did pump breast milk to feed them through bottles. It was while she was feeding her youngest in 2010 that she realized her little pug dog did like human milk when he licked the top of the baby bottle.

I say, “What dog doesn’t like pretty much anything that gets in their mouths????”

Graham goes on to say she pretty much doesn’t care if people think she’s strange and that she now feels “complete” thanks to her puppy breast feeding. And that the dog gets extra nutrients from Mama’s milk… but, ummmm… isn’t that milk meant for human babies who’s nutritional needs are a wee bit different than a canine critter of the pug variety?

And where is the husband in all of this? Does he seriously not care so he lets his wife / baby momma breast feed their pet?

While I’m trying really hard to stick to my vow of being non-judgmental, I just can’t help feel that there’s something else going on here. Perhaps mommy issues need some professional help? [ Source] [ Picture ]

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