Kids Art Work Inspired By Donald Trump – The Intuitive Nature Of Innocence

Kids are ridiculously intuitive. Anyone who thinks they don’t get it needs to spend a little more time with the innocent youth of our species. With eyes unclouded by experience they pretty much call it as it is.

For example, my friend is a teacher in the States and she had a five-year old student reach across the table and tell her that US Presidential Candidate, Mitt Romney, was going to take away PBS Kids, his face displaying both worry and disgust.

It seems that US business tycoon, Donald Trump, is getting that same kind of raw kid honesty in some artwork that was inspired by the documentary, You’ve Been Trumped.

The doc centers around a group of Scottish homeowners who are trying to stop Trump and his money making machine from tearing down Scotland’s last bit of wilderness to make a golf course.

The film is being praised as a brilliant piece of work and it must have hit a nerve with the Trump man himself, since he tried to stop it from airing on the BBC on Oct. 17, 2012.   [ Source ]  [ Top Picture ]


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