Crosswalk Vigilante Getting It Done in Pittsburgh

Is it a bird? A plane? Wait, no… it’s The Crosswalk Vigilante.

Tired of seeing dangerous intersection in his or her hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the unnamed doer of good has been painting crosswalks before city crews can get there all because the people asked. And the hero of sorts has gotten massive praise.

“Dear crosswalk vigilantes: Thank you! You made my day. A neighbor.” proclaims a poster sign near one of the Crosswalk Vigilante’s newly painted crosswalk .

Not everyone is happy with the work of this unknown person.

After requests from citizens to paint the crosswalks were twice refused since 2009, city officials were finally planning on putting in stop signs and painting wider crosswalks within a few weeks. But the Crosswalk Vigilante beat them to it.

I guess it’s just a case of if you snooze you loose city worker guys. Eventually the people will take care of it on their own. [ Source. ] [ Picture]

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