Sheep With Upside Down Head – Real or Not?

You’ve heard of the two-headed sheep but a sheep born with an upside down head?

UK Farmer Allan McNamara, who owns the unique wool making beast, says it’s definitely the real deal. After it’s birth, McNamara took the sheep to the vet to make sure it wasn’t in pain and was apparently told the upside down head could be due to a twisted spine.

Internet users who’ve viewed the Youtube video are debating it’s authenticity. So McNamara, of Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, took more pictures of his sheep and posted it online but doubters will doubt no matter how much proof you give them. Perhaps he’s got a side gig there: “Pay one dollar and see for yourself the remarkable sheep with the upside down head.”  [ Source


About the author: NJ Sullivan


A freelance writer & radio announcer with a general love for the bizarre, the weird and the unique.



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