Filippino Prisoners Take On “Gangnam Style”

Once again, the world’s favorite prison dance troop are wowing the masses with their choreography, this time taking on South Korean pop star, PSY, and his global hit “Gangnam Style.”

Previous hits by the prisoners in Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center, who’s warden has replaced tradition jail exercises with dance numbers, include the Village People’s, YMCA and Michael Jackson’s Thriller. They’re Thriller video got more than 50million hits on YouTube.

In their interpretation of “Gangnam Style” one prisoner dressed like PSY while hundreds others worked as his backup dancers, more backup dancers than even Madonna has on tour. Performing in front of a live audience, who cheered as they performed the moves pretty much flawlessly it seems the prisoners are having as much fun as the audience.

For the record, the warden has said in the past since starting the dance program crime and violence in the prison has decreased substantial. That is the power of dance.  [ Source ]  [ Picture]

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