Bully Calls News Anchor “Fat,” She Calls Him Out On TV

Anyone in the media knows what it’s like to be criticized by audience member who does not like something you did or said. But to be criticized on how you look and told you’ve got a “community responsibility” to loose weight, well, that is simply another story.

This is what happened to news anchor Jennifer Livingston in Wisconsin, USA. She received an email which told her she was a bad role model for not losing weight, especially to girls, but instead of letting the hurtful words get her down she got back at the man by presenting an op-ed piece about it on her morning show.

Proving she’s got more class than the writer of the email, she didn’t name him but made a point to viewers that by calling her the “fat news lady” at home you were teaching your kids to call other people fat. It’s quite courageous and brilliant. That, my friends, is how you deal with a bully hiding behind his computer screen at home.  [ Source ]


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