Looking At Pictures of Cute Animals Increases Productivity

You at work. You’ve check the time on your computer screen every two minutes for the last 10 and glanced at the clock on the wall twice. Staring at your computer screen you realize there’s still two hours left in your day but you can’t get a damn thing done.

Don’t fret during your lack of motivation. Instead, flip on the internet and start looking at pictures of cute little animals doing funny things, then watch your productivity sore.A study done by the Hiroshima University in Japan has made this remarkable claim – that looking at pictures of cute baby animals increases our productivity and The Atlantic Wire says it went like this,

“A team led by Hiroshi Nittono had 48 male and female students perform a visual task where they were asked to look for double digits in a series of random matrices with numbers. The students were asked to give as many accurate responses as possible in three minutes. Then, the students looked at pictures before doing the task again. One group looked at cute baby animals, another at less cute adult animals, and a third at pleasant-looking food.”

As you probably guessed, the group who looked at cute baby animals did better than all the rest. So next time you’re feeling unfocused don’t grab that cup of coffee. Opt for the cute factor instead. And not the cutie at the desk next to you… flirting doesn’t count.  [ Source]

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