Teen Has Stomach Removed After Drinking Cocktail With Liquid Nitrogen

Next time you are tempted to order the latest craze in luxury cocktails, make sure you ask about the ingredients, all the ingredients. And if there’s liquid nitrogen in it you might want to go for something else.

An 18-year old girl in Lancashire, England had her stomach removed after a night out with friends after drinking cocktails made with liquid nitrogen. The girl, Gaby Scanion, was celebrating her 18th birthday. She’s still in serious condition in the hospital. There’s now a ban on all cocktails using the cooling gas in the UK.

Cocktails with liquid nitrogen aren’t uncommon. In fact, they are served around the world as a way to give the alcoholic beverages some extra pizzazz. There are no reports of anyone else in Scanion’s party that night getting sick.  [ Source]

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