Man who tumble dried a cat and put the video on Youtube jailed

In the “We thought it was funny at the time…” category this week is Alan Staughton, 23, of Saunders Close, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. He has been sentenced to 56 days in jail for tossing his cat in a clothes dryer and posting the video on Youtube. The man admitted that he had mistreated the animal and pleaded guilty in a preliminary hearing.

The cat named “Princess” suffered mild injuries in her forced adventure, including a broken tooth and injured tongue. Staughton initially had told SPCA investigators that he thought the incident was funny when they first asked him about it, assuming though that he is to actually spend the next two months in jail, he might find it less amusing.

56 days in jail for a Youtube video is far from the record, a 41 year old Illinois man faces life in jail for filming a police arrest and posting it on the popular video sharing site and the news are simply filled with stories of peeps who capture their illegal endeavours on video and post them for the world to see.

Seems to me that if you’re going to go all outlaw, the least you could do is not post it on Youtube no? Oh well, at least he’s not making his cat wear a tin-foil hat



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