Austria to open four star hotel with valet parking, and a twist

You’d expect it to be somewhere more exotic, perhaps in Greece or Turkey, or even Italy but no: Europe’s biggest brothel is due to open in Austria by 2014. Austrians are not particularly renowned for their wenching habits perhaps unlike their Eastern European neighbors like Bulgary, Romania or the old Russian countries but nevertheless, an Austrian entrepreneur Peter Laskaris (Aha! I knew Greece was somehow involved!) is planning on opening a giant four star hotel/brothel complex complete with a 350 places valet parking and almost 150 rooms.

The brothel named FunMotel, will be able to satisfy at peak, 1000 customers per day and employ up to 150 sex workers. It will offer “swinger parties, gangbangs” and “porn stars” along with more mundane hotel attractions such as restaurants, beauty salon and gym. Laskaris plans on building the hotel in an area where it will not bother anyone, but has yet to disclose the exact location and plans on keeping it secret as long as possible. The hotel will have a three meter high perimeter wall to ensure privacy even though prostitution is legal and regulated in Austria.

Local authorities and the police have already given their thumbs up to the mega-project that will cost 19 Million US$ to complete. Pricing has not been made available at this time.

Do you think they’ll have coupons?



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