Swedish woman charged for having sex with human skeletal remains

A 37-year-old woman from Sweden who was arrested in September was formally charged on Tuesday in a Swedish court for “violating the peace of the dead.”  What does this mean in layman’s terms?

It means she was allegedly using human skeletal remains for sexual gratification.  That being the case, maybe they should modify her charge to read “violating a piece of the dead.”

Drops mic, raises arms over head in triumph, walks off stage.

Cops found the bones in the woman’s apartment back in September when they were called after a gunshot had been fired from the woman’s apartment.  Once inside the woman’s dwelling they found 100 or so human bones, a CD titled “My Necrophilia,” as well as pictures of a woman in compromising positions with various parts of the skeletal remains, one of which was a photo of a woman licking a skull.

Alright, that’s just too disgusting for words.

Is the owner of the pictures the same person licking the skull, or is it a different female doing the licking?  Does it really matter when it involves someone running their tongue across a dead person’s skull cap?

As would be expected the woman is denying the charges brought against her, and how this story plays out is anyone’s guess at this time.  What is known is that as disturbing as it is to think that a woman might have had sexual relations with a skeleton, it’s nowhere near as troubling as knowing that a dead guy’s bones are getting more action than a lot of living, breathing people are, yours truly included.

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